Terrace Taroil

Terrace Taroil contains linseed oil, natural resin, pine tar and pine turpentine. Terrace Taroil absorbs into the wood protecting it against moisture, dirt and fungus affects. Suitable for softwood (pine, spruce, birch and larch). Terrace Taroil gives the wood a beautiful transparent and water resistant surface. Expenditure for plane surface 7-10 m2/L.

Place of use

Terraces, stairs (outside), garden furniture, exterior doors, impregnated and thermally finished wood

  • Instructions

    Do not need any dilution. Mix properly before using and while using. Apply thin layer of Terrace Taroil to the surface with a brush or a cloth and let it absorb. Remove all unabsorbed oil from the surface not later than 30 minutes. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying next layer. The amount of layers is 1 – 3 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the surface. Finish the ends of the wooden surface with special care. Terrace Taroil can be toned with paint pigments. Maintenance treatment can be done in a year if necessary. Heavily worn-out areas can be cured with a new layer of Terrace Taroil.