Turpentine-linseedoil contains linseed oil, pine turpentine and wood protective agent. Turpentine-linseedoil absorbs into the wood protecting it against moisture and dirt, forming a weatherproof layer. Turpentine-linseedoil thickens the wood and brings out the texture of the wood. Turpentine-linseedoil is suitable for finishing old and new wooden surfaces as teak, oak, beech, mahogany. Turpentine-liseedoil is suitable for finishing inside of log houses. Expenditure: 5- 10 m2/l.

Place Of Use

log houses, doors, window frames, wooden garden-furniture, facades, hardwood, impregnated wood.


Do not need any dilution. Shake well before use and while using. Apply thin layer of Turpentine-linseedoil to the surface with a brush or a cloth and let it absorb. Remove all unabsorbed oil from the surface not later than 1 hour. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying the next layer. The amount of layers is 2 – 4 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the surface. Polish the surface before applying next layer. Finish the ends of the wooden surfaces with special care. Turpentine-linseedoil can be toned with paint pigments. Maintenance treatment can be done in a year if necessary. Turpentine-linseedoil is not suitable for varnished or painted surfaces. Usage for other purposes and against the directions is not recommended.