Oil wax

Oil wax is based on natural linseed oil. It preserves natural tone of old and new wooden floors. Oil wax accentuates the texture of the wood and protects it from wear-out and moisture. It contains carnauba wax which gives the wood a silky shine. Easy to use and ideal to keep the floors and staircases natural. Suitable for softwood as well as hardwood. Use Amello Floor Oil for base coat to get better durability. Suitable to use in living-rooms, bedrooms, staircases, on furniture and interior doors. Oil wax is not suitable to use in sauna, on kitchen floors or worktops. Expenditure: 12 – 15 m2/ L

Place of use

wooden floors, wooden stairs, furniture, interior doors

  • Instructions

    Shake well before use. Make sure the surface is dry, clean and polished with sandpaper. Oil wax is also recommended to use on the surfaces treated with Amello Floor Oil. Oil wax can be toned with paint pigments- average dosage 5 %. Stir toned Oil wax before use and while using because the pigment tends to settle at the bottom. Apply thin layer of Oil wax to the surface with a brush or a cloth. Remove all unabsorbed substance from the surface not later than 30 minutes. Let it dry for at least 12 – 15 hours before applying the next layer. The amount of layers is 2 – 3 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the surface. Polish the surface to provide a silky shine. Warning: Oil wax can darken certain type of wood. It is advisable to test a small area at first. Oil wax is not suitable for varnished, painted or vinyl surfaces. Usage for other purposes and against the directions is not recommended.