Wood Oil

Wood Oil is based on tung oil. It is 100% natural product. Wood Oil absorbs into the wood protecting it against moisture and dirt, forming a weatherproof layer. Wood Oil thickens the wood and brings out the texture of the wood. Wood Oil is suitable for interior use. Wood Oil is suitable for finishing wooden walls and ceilings in the rooms where humidity is higher (for example: sauna ). Wood Oil does not consist any chemical ingredients – safe to use in children`s rooms, bathroom walls and ceilings. Expenditure on plane wooden surface is 8 – 10 m2 /l.

Place of use

sauna walls and selling, bathroom walls and selling, interior wooden surfaces, thermal finished wood

  • Instructions

    Shake well before use. Finish with a brush or a cloth and let the oil absorb about 30 minutes. Oil which does not absorb can be buffed away. Wooden surfaces will be polished and then finished again. The amount of layers is 1 – 3 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the surface. Finish the ends of the wooden surfaces with special care. Wood Oil can be toned with paint pigments. Wood Oil is not suitable for varnished or painted surfaces.