Linseedoil is natural cold-press linseed oil. The temperature pressing the linseed oil does not exceed 50°. Linseedoil is completely natural product. Linseedoil absorbs into the wood protecting it against dirt and moisture. Linseedoil brings out the texture of the wood. Linseedoil is also suitable for wooden surfaces which adjoin with food. Linseedoil is completely natural and safe for nature. Expenditure for plane wooden surface is 7 – 10 m2 /l.

Place of use

Wooden dishes, wooden toys, furniture, panels

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  • Instructions

    Pine turpentine can be used as a solvent. Apply with a brush or a cloth and let the oil absorb. Remove all unabsorbed oil from the surface not later than 1 hour. Polish the surface before applying next layer. The amount of layers is 1 – 4 depending on the quality and the purpose of use of the wooden surface. The ends of the surface must be finished with special care. Linseedoil can be toned with paint pigments. Dry wooden surface can be finished gently smoothening. Finished wooden surface can be waxed with wood wax. Maintenance treatment can be done after a year if necessary Linseedoil is not suitable for varnished or painted surfaces. Usage for other purposes and against the directions is not recommended.